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April 03 2018


Trial Experience-How Important Is It?

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Hiring an attorney to handle a chapter 7 bankruptcy is different from hiring a person to handle claims related to automobile accidents. While the bankruptcy attorney does represent the client in a courtroom, he or she goes before a judge as opposed to a jury. This may not be the situation when the issue revolves around a personal injury claim. The case may be tried in front of a jury of the defendant's peers. For this reason, individuals looking to hire an attorney of this type need to consider the attorney's trial experience. There are benefits and drawbacks to the lawyer having this experience that may be of importance when a person goes to decide which they feel more comfortable with.

The Benefits

Some people simply aren't comfortable in front of a group. Although they can get up and speak if necessary, their unease comes across to others. This can be detrimental in the court case as the jury may take this unease as a sign the lawyer doesn't fully believe what he or she is saying about the circumstances of the case and the defendant's guilt. Trial experience allows the attorney to feel more confident when speaking in the courtroom. Furthermore, he or she knows others involved in the case, such as the judge or attorney. This can be of help as the process moves forward as the attorney knows what things make the other parties mad and need to be avoided and what things they prefer when working with others on a case.

The Drawbacks

Narrowing the attorney options to only those who have trial experience can be a mistake, however. The lack of trial experience may be due to their superior negotiating skills and clients are more than satisfied with the settlements they have received. The experience the attorney does have may not be in the personal injury field either, thus clients won't find it to be of much help with their suit. Finally, individuals need to recognize that every lawyer has been trained in the litigation process and the documents that must be filed with this type of case. The attorney won't be a complete novice regardless of his or her trial experience.

Don't hesitate to hire an attorney for a slip and fall or wrongful death case upon doing research even if the lawyer is lacking in trial experience. The experience is only one of many factors that should be considered when making this important decision. Other elements need to be taken into account to ensure the right person is chosen for this job. Trial experience is important to a certain extent, however, so keep this in mind at all times.

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